“You Couldn’t Make It Up!” Ordinary Guy, Extraordinary Life

Not many people have been in a plane half way across the Atlantic on 9/11, survived a tarantula bite, run marathons, stood for Parliament, been deported from Iran, published a worldwide best seller in 9 languages, travelled to sixty countries, served on a Foreign Office Commission, been expelled from school taken degrees from four different Universities and become an artist at 66.

As Lord (Tom ) Sawyer says; “Mike Freedman’s story tells us more about the culture, politics and business world in the last century and the start of this than most conventional biographies.”

“You Couldn’t Make It Up” is not indeed a conventional biography. It is written around a number of themes such as Education, Politics, Work, Sport and Travel and is illustrated by a myriad of true anecdotal stories that bring out the key elements of my amazing life. As a believer in the Chinese proverb; “May you live in interesting times”, I certainly have !

The book is published by Troubadour in both hard copy and electronically.

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