Ageism in the Art World

I could either be erudite and write a reasoned analysis of the situation or tell it like it is. I have opted for the latter.
I am really pissed off with the organisers of the majority of the competitions that seek artists to enter them. Many restrict entrants to those who are under 35! I have never seen a reason for this.
As a mature student, one of about 20% in our Universities, Art Schools and Colleges I am not able to enter. The same is true of those practising artists struggling for recognition, motivation and even reward who find themselves over the age barrier.
The assumption seems to be that only those under 35 should be eligible as those over that age have either achieved recognition or they are past it!
Many mature students, like me, come to art late in life, so why are we penalised and demotivated? Whatever happened to life- long learning and the notion of a flexible workforce?
Why not call for emerging artists or those with only so many years into their practice?
What is there to be afraid of? Talent will be recognised whatever its age.
So to the organisers……GET REAL.

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