Welcome to my web site which I hope you enjoy.

My work continues to address political and environmental issues. So in the last 24 months I have tackled the challenges presented by travels to Skye, Snowdonia, Iceland, the Apennines and the blighted River Thames. Most recently I have turned my attention to the chaos that is London’s traffic. The Israeli Girl portfolio of a few years ago is sadly very prescient given the Gaza War.

The Highgate Contemporary tab illustrates the exhibition I co-curated with Catriona MacKinnon. Each of the artists featured are going from strength to strength in their respective fields.

I continue to work with a variety of media and surfaces with a preferred leaning towards abstraction.

Enjoy the portfolios and note that all but a couple of works are for sale. Use the contact page.
This update is being created as we head for a General Election. Hopefully Labour will win and have enough confidence, expertise and money to restore our cultural standing to where is deserves to be….world leading.