Welcome to my web site which I hope you enjoy.

My painting addresses contemporary issues with themes related to the environment, human rights and politics in general and is fundamentally experiential and autobiographical. What links these themes is the notion of wildernesses, urban, rural, environmental and political.

Mainly abstract, my work uses a variety of mediums and surfaces in the quest to explore the essence of my subject matter.

I am delighted to have been asked to join the Wilderness Art Collective. It is made up of a group of artists, explorers, writers and other creatives who work in a wide variety of media. Their work is designed to reference the natural world its beauty, wildernesses and their destruction and the imperative to ensure the future sustainability of the planet.
Their most recent exhibition was at the Royal Geographic Society.
They also work with the Wilderness Foundation.
Their website is www.wildernessart.org its well worth a look.

The images shown here are samples from my portfolios.

All paintings are for sale, if you are interested in any of them please get hold of me via the contact page.